Mixer: a Blender Addon for Collaborative Editing

With Mixer, several Blender users can work together on the same data and collaborate in real time.



Mixer is an open source project developed by the R&D department of Ubisoft Animation Studio. Although designed to be used in a production context it is still an experimental tool and, In spite of all our efforts to make it reliable, it may in some circumstances corrupt you Blender scenes data. Be aware that neither Ubisoft nor Ubisoft employees can be taken as responsible in such cases. Use it at your own risks.

This said, we will do our best to improve Mixer thanks to your feedback in order to provide a memorable creative collaborative experience. Have fun !

Getting started

Watch the video tutorial or dive into this step-by-step process:


After installing, learn how to connect with friends or colleagues on the same LAN or through Internet and work together.

Advanced usage

In case you keep a server running without tying it to a Blender instance, you can also start a standalone server.