Starting a Standalone Server

The Mixer server is usually started by the addon when the user clicks on the Connect button. This ties the server to a machine with Blender installed and requires that Blender remains up on the machine that started the server.

Using a standalone server allows you to run a server on a machine without Blender running or even installed. The server machine may use a different operating system than the clients.


Make sure to use the same Mixer version on the server and on the clients.

This has only been tested with Python 3.7.4

To start a standalone server:

  • download the Mixer zip file as described in the download section

  • unpack the zip file

  • start a command prompt

  • change directory to the directory that contains the mixer directory

  • execute the command to start a server:

    python.exe -m mixer.broadcaster.apps.server --log-level INFO

Find the IP address of the machine that executes the server and communicate it to all the participants.

All the participants connect to the server, one of them creates a room and the others join the room.